Scott James

I am a photographer who’s interest include action sports, nature, and other places and things happening around me in my life. What I do…what has always drawn me to photography is my envy of those who can pick up a pencil, or paint, or musical instrument and put to paper page, or out into the air what is inside them. None of this I can do without the help of a little mechanical box with some good glass attached to the side of it and a finger that, in the moment my eye sees it…seems to listen and press a button to record it. It’s a passion that I’ve had since the age of 14 when I pestered my mother for her to go out and buy me my first SLR 35mm camera after watching a photographer wandering through the Pit area at Ontario Motor Speedway…looking cool, with three cameras slung over his shoulder with bandoliers full of film canisters, then picking up a magazine a few weeks later and seeing that what he saw and I saw were similar, yet he had been able to capture it for those to see who were not able to notice it, in the moment. This, is what is in each image I catch…or, at least I try for that to be the case.


You’ll find more in-depth explanations of the thoughts that go into the images on the Featured Images page of the site, along with, from time to time, some of the technical things that go into what all of us Photographers put into what we do. Most of the Photographers I know and Respect, are the ones who dance off the Auto settings page that are built into DSLR cameras available today. They live in that world was what was pounded into our heads in the schools and classes we took to get where we are today…MANUAL Mode. Where thinking is key, and knowing what it is that little mechanical box you’re holding in your hand is capable of. And Holy Moly…it can do a lot.


That being said, I’d like to end this portion of the standard “Artist Bio” with what I feel has been the two greatest lessons passed on to me…for those who may have any interest at all at earning the title that is, to be called, A Photographer:


  1. Do NOT be afraid to suck at it while you’re learning photography. If you ARE afraid to suck at it…you always will. I’ve met a lot of talented photographers in my life…all of them had/have one thing in common. We/They…sucked at first. And to many, like me who learned back in the days of 35mm film, getting good took some thinking and learning what that little box in your hand could do. And NOT do. Film was expensive. Digital…not so much.
  2. It AIN’T the arrow. It’s the Indian shooting it that makes it do what it does. You can drop a shit ton of money on all the coolest equipment, but if you never learn to come off the preset modes that Canon, Nikon, Olympus etc limit you to…you’ll never be more than some guy in a Lab thought you could be when he/she programed those settings. LEARN how your camera works…LEARN how photography works. Light, f-Stops, Exposure, ISOs, ASAs…how to hold it…be patient. And when you do get some talent rolling, don’t let it bug you when someone says to you…”You must have a REALLY good camera, to get such good shots”. You may very well have some good equipment in your bag. But that expensive bag of cameras won’t be worth a shit…if you don’t know how to use it. Learn how it works, in the MANUAL MODE, and see just how good your images will get. Anywhoooo…That’s as much about me, in a nutshell as I can be. There are Photographers far more eloquent than I am when talking about it, and those who love talking about equipment, accolades, and such. And they are great. And I admire them all. Me…I’m just a guy who loves what he does. Which may make me the best Photographer for the project you have. Or, I may not be. In which case I’m sure I’ll be the first one to agree with your choice.. That…is the Art of it all.

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